What Is My Urine Leakage Telling Me?

Urinary Incontinence is not a problem itself, it’s actually a symptom of an even bigger problem. This symptom can be brought on a few different factors. These include bad habits, medical conditions, and physical problems. Many people experience what is called ‘temporary urinary leakage‘ which is typically brought on by bad eating and drinking habits as well as certain medications.

To knock off the easier one, medications that act as diuretics are specifically used to stimulate the bladder. This in turns makes the amount of urine you produce higher than normal. If you have started new medications check the label or ask your doctor if it is a diuretic. The trickier ones to identify are certain foods and drinks that could be causing urine leakage. They are more difficult to pin point because we consume many different foods and drinks throughout the day. Finding exactly what one(s) are causing our bladder problem is the hard part.

Start by looking at your alcohol consumption as well as excessive use of caffeinated drinks. These include things like coffee, tea, and carbonated drinks. Artificial sweeteners and corn syrup are those hidden problems. Many people don’t associate these with bladder problems, but they cause them.